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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lobster was on the menu

Do you like lobster? 
OMG!  I love it and prepare it occasionally when I find it on sale. It was found last week so I froze it and Tonight it appeared on my menu.  It is easy to fix.  I cut the back from the open end to the tail with a pair of kitchen shears. (but not removing it from the shell until it has steamed). I steam it until the brown is orange tail turns bright red orange and the meat is white. You will see it is no longer opaque as it is when  it is raw.  I melt  butter and season it with garlic and paprika and lemon juice. Pour that over the cooked tail and you are ready to enjoy a piece of heaven. Tonight I served it with some pasta and tomato/ basil sauce and sliced avocado. 

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A small dinner party

Tonight we have invited two couples over for a small dinner party.  Here I have prepared a tray of stuffed  baby portabella mushrooms with ham  & cheese bits to be broiled  and A caprese salad appetizer.
 I  think we will enjoy our time together as food and friends always serve up well don't you think? 

The menu our Dinner Party:

Stuffed  Broiled Mushrooms
Caprice salad appetizers
Main course:
Sesame Coated Tilapia
Ginger seasoned  Green Beans
Grilled Sweet Potatoes with lime and cilantro.
Light Dessert:
Fresh Blueberries & Cream puffs

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