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Friday, December 31, 2010

Simple Basic Baking Knowledge

 I have decided to  put on my apron and to get "Back to Simple Basic Cooking and Baking". This Blog will be for  Those  people who will be making  New Year plans and resolutions to either cook more healthy or more often at home. Does this sound familiar to you? Eating Healthy and wanting to grow & eat good fresh and organic food is my  number one goal for 2011.
In my Home My kitchen is the center of my life. It appears  you also spend plenty of time there either eating or cooking. "From my Kitchen Table to Yours" is where I will share recipes and cooking tips. I hope to give you information you may not know and to share some of the things I have learned & gleaned from other cooks and even a few famous chefs.  I am starting with Baking Terminology.  Some you may already be familiar with others maybe not... "Now we are cookin"
A Glossary of Baking Terms.

Bain Marie is a water bath.  The baking pan or dish is placed in another containing hot water, resulting in a very gentle cooking.
Bake Blind- The term given to the process of par-baking pastry shells.
Baking Beans- Used to weight pie dough down while baking blind. Baking Beans can be purpose-made ceramic or metal beans, or dried beans or rice. All can be used.
Beat- Method of incorporating air into ingredients, or combining or softening an ingredient with a fork, spoon or whisk.
Creaming- The process of beating sugar and fat together until the mixture is creamy in both color and texture.
Dough- A mixture of flour and liquids dough can be described as either soft or firm, depending on its stiffness.
Dredge- Sprinkle generously
Dust- Sprinkle lightly
Fermentation-A term to describe the chemical action produced by yeast as it converts sugars in the flour to carbon dioxide and alcohol (which evaporates during baking)
Folding In-the term used to describe carefully incorporating flour into mixture using a cutting and folding-over movement.
Glaze - a thin shiny coating  that may be of egg, egg white, milk, water or jelly.
Gluten- Protein in flour that can be developed by kneading in the form of a dough which makes the dough elastic.
Kneading- Working together of a dough with the hands. For pastry, scones, and cookies light kneading is required. For Bread heavy prolonged kneading is required to develop gluten.
Knock Back- To knead dough for a second time after the first rising. This helps to ensure an even texture.
Piping- The process of pushing a mixture through a bag fitted with a piping tip to shape. Some cookies and choux pastry can be shaped. Piping is also used to shape frosting to decorate cookies and cakes.
Prove- To let bread rise a second time after knocking back and shaping it.
Rub In- Rub fat into flour with the fingertips until evenly distributed.
Sift To shake dry ingredients through a sifter. Sifting flour helps to incorporate air.
Syrup- A concentrated solution of sugar water.
Unleavened a term for bread that do not  use a raising agent.
Whip- The same as whisk, but is usually used in relation to cream and creamy mixtures.
Whisk To beat ingredients rapidly to incorporate air into them.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Yes, I cheated...

I cheated I admit it.. I was under the gun and needed a quick cookie for an exchange. They were easy to do and to eliminate the last minute stress ( which nobody needs during the holidays) I found Betty Crocker limited edition Gingerbread Cookie Mix is a real time saver. Only three ingredients are added to the mix -- butter or margarine, water and an egg.  They taste good ... not as good as homemade good but I would give them a whirl again. I made some into snaps and mixed up an easy powdered sugar icing..added  with a hint of lemon extract. These would be great for a bake sale item anytime..  You can find the cookie mix in any supermarket.  Be sure the package says "Gingerbread Cookie mix".
 Do you see those  Creamy Caramels? Those are fun to make too and  were a special request from my daughter and sister for Christmas.  Since I was in the mood I made a batch...It was fun to wrap them in recycled butter wrappers for a cute country presentation. The recipe is from Mary Janes Farm Girl Magazine Dec-Jan 2009 page 107.  I'd be happy to email the recipe if requested...  Now I must get started on a few Christmas cards and cross that of my growing holiday list.. Be Happy and Enjoy your time in your Kitchen..Stress free.....I hope.
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh My! Gooey Sticky Buns Hon!

Let the Holiday baking Begin...
 Today I made two loaves of bread and these yummy Sticky Buns. I altered the recipe from the Oprah's Magazine Cookbook. ( I made a basic yeast bread dough and cinnamon rolls from another recipe I have had for years..) The Sticky part I followed.
from her book.

Sticky Bun Goo..
1 /1/2 sticks butter softened
1 1/2 cup brown sugar
1 Tblsp ground cinnamon
3/4 cup chopped pecans.
Mixing all ingredients except the pecans together, spread in a round baking dish. sprinkled the pecans over that gooey mixture and placed the dough rolls on top. Baked in a 325 preheated oven for 25 minutes  or until nice & brown. Remove and t if you like.
4 ounces cream cheese softened 1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract.
So now tell me Don't these look yummy?   Looks  like somebody  is sneaking one already....I just  had to make them.. to get in the mood....The bread turned out pretty darn good too... don't you think? I wish  you could smell the aromas in my kitchen right now. mmmmmm!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where's the Hen who cooks here?

I have been out of my kitchen for awhile. Well, not really out..I  just have not cooked up any special foods to share. With the holidays coming I am sure the aromas will start filling the house again.. Please stop by The Blue Sky Farm Blog to see what's new and I will get back to cookin soon...