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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tools for cooking

Okay, I am sure  you all have  the basics pots, pans...pie pans, cupcake pans and cookie sheet, Mixing bowls, and spoons.
I could not cook without my wire Wisks, Rubber spatulas and measuring cups and spoons,  Rolling pin, Mixer and  thermometer.  I  know we are talking Basics and Beginners  right now so if you are already ahead of us.. have fun creating we will catch up...
Oh my... Well now that you have the basics or are thinking running to the nearest kitchen store.. (First check out the kitchen dept at your local grocery and compare prices for the best offers...If you want to really save some money check out garage sales, you can find some great buys if you are a savvy shopper.  Enjoy  your time looking at all those gadgets... )
When you are ready and armed for the Kitchen stadium don't forget your apron! What? you don't have one..?  You are gonna  want one  for sure.... I bet your Grandma  and even your mom wore one... Hang it where you can grab it when you are ready to start cooking.
I will be gathering a few simple recipes for us to make together this week... Any requests?
Remember this is going to be Fun!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Spice is Nice

Welcome back....
We are almost there... You have your pantry filling nicely... but now what about  those spices and seasonings?  Its  no lie these can be expensive.. I purchase a lot of mine in the bulk food section if I have not dried or grown my own.(.but that's another class)
Purchase small containers of those less used spices and seasonings.
You know that jar of Tarragon you have back in the corner of the cupboard? Toss it..if its more than a couple months old... again you know who you are.. (* giggling here) besides your asking."what is it or what do I do with it?" Right?

Bay leaves
Black Pepper
Bouillon cubes (beef and chicken)
Chili powder
Cinnamon Mustard (dried and prepared)
Garlic powder  or salt
Onion Powder or salt
Soy Sauce
Worcestershire Sauce

So what do you think? Are you ready to cook something?    Wait lets take a look at your basic cooking Utensils and Knives... Are  you getting overwhelmed with this? Some of those are pretty  basic..You  Go enjoy your day.. and if you get to the grocery store today  great. remember buy a little.... You wont  need everything right now....We'll  come back tomorrow or during the week and start with a simple recipe..and a few basic cookbook suggestions if you don't have a favorite... Any requests?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Filling the pantry

Okay is your list getting longer? Don't worry take your time, these are only suggestions. While some  families consider chips, cereal and snacks as must haves others can't be without pasta, feta cheese and imported olives. This is only a reference list. I have learned by trial and error a lot  of what to stock and what not to have living on the shelves..Again I am not a professional chef,  experience with preparing  meals as a mom and wife, we raised  most of our own food  and dried, canned and preserved many fruits and vegetables and herbs when my kids  were growing up and I was not a master at that either.. but Loved it... so enjoy your time in the kitchen....and  (Oh Yes, I will  give some recipes for some of these items for you to make from scratch, but also sometimes you just don't have time to make them  especially when unexpected company arrives just in time for dinner)....Believe me, I have been about panic! I think that's when I learned to roll with the punches and there was always smooth things over..who can turn down chocolate cake or peanut butter cookies?


Beans ( canned and dry)
Broth  ( chicken , beef and vegetable)
Cake mixes with frosting
Canned diced tomatoes
Can Fruit
Canned mushrooms
Canned soup
Canned tomato paste and sauce
Canned tuna & chicken
 Dried soup mix
 Gelatin ( flavored and plain)
Jarred salsa Milk ( evaporated and sweetened condensed)
No Fat dry milk
Rice (white and  brown)
Spaghetti sauce

Go ahead and check your local newspapers and magazine adverts for some coupons on any of these items..clip them out and carry them with you to the grocery store, You can always save some money here.
Check out the bulk food sections too... many items are less costly when you can control the size you want.
Spices and Seasonings are next on the list.... along with  fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, poultry and fish.. Think about cleaning out the freezer of stuff you have not eaten in the past 3 months...most things are in need of  tossed it in there thinking you'd eat it another time..... (* you know who you are)  start over fresh....
Enjoy your Sunday where did you, hubby  or the kids  put the scissors....
Any other questions?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

You want to learn how to cook?

Okay,  I must confess I used to be a personal chef.  I also was the chef in a small tearoom owned by my sister and me. No I did not go to culinary school,  I have no  formal cooking education but Cooking is a passion I have had for years. I love to cook....I have posted a few  posts of my cooking, recipes and as you can see by the last post I have been out of this kitchen long enough.... I have heard many times " I don't cook much" or" I don't know how to cook" It is time to learn if you want to follow along. I will be using this blog site to give helpful hints on how you can save time and make a delicious dish your family and friends will rave about. Are you ready? It will be fun if you don't take things too seriously.. Relax.... we all  have made cooking mistakes....
I will include  suggestions  when recipes fail because you  misread recipes and daily distractions have interrupted you. Measurements & Substitutions,  Quick fixes and Cooking terms. I will post some  pictures as we move about in the kitchen.
First you need to put on your apron, move a bit closer and take down a few notes if you want. Pour yourself a cup of tea, or coffee, any beverage, or even a glass of wine if you like..If you have any questions please leave it  in the comment box, others may have the same question and I can  answer it for everyone.
First thing to have is a well  stocked pantry with the basics. This  provides all the makings for a good meal.  It also means avoiding those extra trips to the grocery store, saving you time and money.. Although every one's pantry is different, there are some basic items you should have. Add other items according to your family's needs.  Make out your grocery list and  pick up an extra item now and  then to avoid having to purchase everything  your first trip out. Sometimes grocers offer buy one get one free offers. Take advantage of those. Don't forget refrigerated items like milk eggs, cheese and butter. You may already have these some or all of these  items:  Today, we will check only your staples.. next your Packaged/Canned foods and lastly Spices/Seasonings
Are you ready?
Bakers chocolate
Baking powder
Baking soda
BBQ sauce
Bread crumbs plain and seasoned . (I will give you a recipe to make your own too)
chocolate chips
cocoa power
corn meal
corn meal
lemon juice
Mayonnaise or salad dressing
non stick cooking spray
nuts ( almonds, pecans,walnuts)
oil  ( olive and vegetable oil )
pancake baking mix
pancake syrup
Peanut butter
Sugar ( granulated, brown and powdered)
Now how does your pantry look.. Need something? Don't go to the store without your list or any coupons.  Remember Cooking  can be fun!