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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Filling the pantry

Okay is your list getting longer? Don't worry take your time, these are only suggestions. While some  families consider chips, cereal and snacks as must haves others can't be without pasta, feta cheese and imported olives. This is only a reference list. I have learned by trial and error a lot  of what to stock and what not to have living on the shelves..Again I am not a professional chef,  experience with preparing  meals as a mom and wife, we raised  most of our own food  and dried, canned and preserved many fruits and vegetables and herbs when my kids  were growing up and I was not a master at that either.. but Loved it... so enjoy your time in the kitchen....and  (Oh Yes, I will  give some recipes for some of these items for you to make from scratch, but also sometimes you just don't have time to make them  especially when unexpected company arrives just in time for dinner)....Believe me, I have been about panic! I think that's when I learned to roll with the punches and there was always smooth things over..who can turn down chocolate cake or peanut butter cookies?


Beans ( canned and dry)
Broth  ( chicken , beef and vegetable)
Cake mixes with frosting
Canned diced tomatoes
Can Fruit
Canned mushrooms
Canned soup
Canned tomato paste and sauce
Canned tuna & chicken
 Dried soup mix
 Gelatin ( flavored and plain)
Jarred salsa Milk ( evaporated and sweetened condensed)
No Fat dry milk
Rice (white and  brown)
Spaghetti sauce

Go ahead and check your local newspapers and magazine adverts for some coupons on any of these items..clip them out and carry them with you to the grocery store, You can always save some money here.
Check out the bulk food sections too... many items are less costly when you can control the size you want.
Spices and Seasonings are next on the list.... along with  fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, poultry and fish.. Think about cleaning out the freezer of stuff you have not eaten in the past 3 months...most things are in need of  tossed it in there thinking you'd eat it another time..... (* you know who you are)  start over fresh....
Enjoy your Sunday where did you, hubby  or the kids  put the scissors....
Any other questions?


  1. Oh, this is a great list, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing your tips on how to stock up in the pantry. That's actually on my list of goals for this year :) :) Oh, and I had to laugh when you talked about scissors. My dad took the scissors from the kitchen, and now I can't find them :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. I have most items in my pantry but not powdered milk and I'm curious about the recipe that will be used in. I'm really interested in cooking smaller portions since our nest is empty and it seems that I always have way too many leftovers. I made an applesauce cake yesterday to use up some opened applesauce and it was staring me in the face this morning. I cut it up in individual portions and put it in the freezer for another time. If I didn't do that I would "little bite" it till it was gone. I admit I often have NO self control.

    I love spices and purchase most of mine at Trader Joes. All their spices, except Saffron, are under $2.00 and they are so fresh and taste wonderful.