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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tools for cooking

Okay, I am sure  you all have  the basics pots, pans...pie pans, cupcake pans and cookie sheet, Mixing bowls, and spoons.
I could not cook without my wire Wisks, Rubber spatulas and measuring cups and spoons,  Rolling pin, Mixer and  thermometer.  I  know we are talking Basics and Beginners  right now so if you are already ahead of us.. have fun creating we will catch up...
Oh my... Well now that you have the basics or are thinking running to the nearest kitchen store.. (First check out the kitchen dept at your local grocery and compare prices for the best offers...If you want to really save some money check out garage sales, you can find some great buys if you are a savvy shopper.  Enjoy  your time looking at all those gadgets... )
When you are ready and armed for the Kitchen stadium don't forget your apron! What? you don't have one..?  You are gonna  want one  for sure.... I bet your Grandma  and even your mom wore one... Hang it where you can grab it when you are ready to start cooking.
I will be gathering a few simple recipes for us to make together this week... Any requests?
Remember this is going to be Fun!

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