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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Soup is Good

Day 15 and we are doing fine.. Yesterday I roasted a turkey breast for dinner. Today I made soup.. No those are not noodles.. but bamboo shoots! They look like noodles though, don't ya agree? Since canned soups are off limits but homemade soups are allowed I chopped zuchinni, mushrooms,
sweet peppers, onion and celery with chunks of turkey. Poured some chicken stock into the turkey juices from roasting the turkey added a handful of parsley, a sprinkle of
 redpepper flakes, black pepper but no salt, poured it all together and put the pot
 on the stove to simmer.  I would Like to serve it with a crusty bread roll but  thats not been added yet to our menu of things we can eat. Instead it
 will be whole grain cracker & string cheese, sliced tomato and 1/2 avacado. Now tell me this is Good!


  1. I am enjoying reading your entries and have some more catching up to do. Thank you for sharing. Gerry, a new follower~

  2. I have always loved soups. This sounds wonderful! blessings,KATHLEEN

  3. Hi

    Congratulations on your weight loss for both you and your husband.
    I to am losing and lost 8 a good start have cut out carbohydrates so this recipe is a must Thanks for posting it