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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Getting ready for Thanksgiving?

Sunday morning, making  grocery list of things needed for our family feast.. Isn't it nice to have family and friends to gather around the table? Are you hosting dinner this year?
Our family is blessed with good cooks..we all offer to bring something. This year we are in Washington at our daughter Nancy's with her husband and the new baby... There will be 10 of us for dinner. Our grand children will not be with us except the baby, as they are with their dad and his family.. Christmas is our time with them this year...trying to keep family traditions and creating new ones is always a challenge.. Do you experience this? I guess the whole idea is to be grateful for the time and love that we share when we do all gather around the table, right?
This year thanks to my Wildtree business and their delicious recipes and ingredients we know we are eating organic healthy food. We will have a table full of  dishes made from my Wildtree recipes. You are welcomed to check out my website where there are printed.  These recipes have been tested before added .  Enjoy experimenting with the ingredients.... If you don't have Wildtree ingredients you can purchase some in time for  delivery to your door before your Christmas dinner.  Or think about gift giving.

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