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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Homemade soup kinda day

This morning a friend said she was making soup today and as I thought about soup , my mouth started watering and screaming for bean & ham soup. It was a bit overcast outside and spitting abit of rain, a real Homemade soup kinda day...So out came the ingredients and my good soup pot. But, since I had not soaked the beans overnight as I usually do,  I washed them &  quick soaked them by pouring 6 cups of hot water over them in the pot & boiled them for about 2 minues. Set aside for one hour and drained & rinsed them thoroughly and put them back in the pot with 6 cups of water, about 1 1/2 cups of cubed turkey ham,  2 tablespoon of bacon grease( yes, I said grease).I save it from breakfast frying in my refrigerator.. for more flavor....  then added a medium  chopped yellow onion, two ribs of celery chopped, a few carrots chopped  a few sprigs of parsley chopped fine, salt & pepper, garlic powder & thyme. (I never measured those just eyeballed & tasted as I tossed in required taste). I turned the heat to a medium/low temp and left them to get happy... After about 2 hours  stirred the pot, did another taste test and added a bit more garlic powder and black pepper. Left again to finish cooking 1 1/2 hours. As the aromas floated in the kitchen I knew it was getting to be Souptime.
A beautiful simple and delicious and healthy meal coming to plating with a nice piece of sourdough bread. Yummy! I kid you not... This is a winner again, and there are leftovers for the freezer..if I don't eat more tomorrow for lunch.

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  1. That sounds wonderful, Cheryl!! It's nice to know what I can do about the beans, when I "forget" to soak them the night before :)