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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Indegestion? Try Pineapple

Information from "Prevention Health books" reveal that Pineapples are really good for you.  Improves digestion and high in Vitamin C and Maganese to help with building strong healthy bones.  Primarily affects postmenopausal women. Here's how to get to the "heart of gold"  And a few tips We learned when we visited a pineapple plantation in Costa Rica...who  are   now the #1 growing country of pineapples, beating out Hawaii.
 Buy it firm and plump. Avoid those that are bruised or have soft spots. Surprising shell color is not always a reliable indicator of ripeness. The stem end should have a sweet aromatic fragrance and not smell fermented. The leaves should be crisp and deep green, without yellowed or brown tips. Don't bother tugging on a leaf from the crown Contrary to popular wisdom, a leaf that comes off easily does not indicate ripeness.
When you get it home refrigerate it at 40 degrees or cut off the top and bottom ends. You can use one of these great corer tools or place it on its side  in a shallow dish to catch the jucies as you slice it. This tool slices it as you twist it down through the center and the core will be easily pulled from the cylinder whenyou get to the end.  Or you can use a sharp knife to cut it into 1/2 inch slices and trim away the rind.  Enjoy a slice or two as a garnish along with your favorite meal, or make that pineapple upside down cake.... ( you can purchase the corer tool in any kitchen,  houseware or produce department of a upscale grocery store.) I think of it as a bit of sunshine on my plate!

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  1. The high acid in pineapple can really burn for those of us with acid reflux.