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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Found my way back...

I am ready to get back into the kitchen..boy it's been awhile hasn't it?  I have been away way too long. First I had to re-organize my space. Being away so much  things seem to get put away in the wrong places.( My husband is a great cook, but he doesn't put things where I do.) Do you have this problem?
Next, I must defrost the freezer a bit, at least scape down the accumulation of frost. * I guess the door must have been left ajar a few hours.

Now, I think Stuffed Peppers sound good for our dinner tonight.  Hamburger and tomato sauce thawing for the stuffing and found some nice wild rice in the pantry. I will post the recipe and pictures later.  The weather is changing and I think a hot meal is in order.* Any leftovers will be appreciated tomorrow for lunch. Do you like leftovers? Sometimes I do....and I have noticed somethings just don't get eaten, they get forgotten and pushed to the back of the refrigerator... You know how that goes.


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