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Friday, February 12, 2010

A Simple Chocolate Valentine Dessert

I know it looks Pretty and Fancy but Simple  becaue I was really, Really
busy this morning getting ready for my Mary Jane Farm girls to come for our monthly Meeting and well of course I had to come up with a choclate treat didn't I?
So simple and so easy and no sugar except in the redhots! Took me less than 15 minutes.
Shhh, Don't tell anyone... but all I did was take  out my Champagne glasses, mixed up 2 boxes of  Instant Sugarfee Jello Chocolate Pudding in 4 cups of cold lowfat milk.  I dropped a few spoonsful in each glass, Squeezed a bit Real Heavy whipped cream ( yes from my whip cream maker) and more pudding & topped more whip and sprinkled  red cinnamon candy on top..popped them in the refrig,  and there you have I can make the coffee & tea and  wait for the "charming chicks"  to arrive...oh yeah,  I better make sure  I have batteries in my camera...
Bon Appetite

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