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Thursday, February 11, 2010

To Whip or Dazzle?

Wow! That is what I think your guests or family would say if you pulled out the iSi Whipped cream maker and topped off their gourmet coffee with a bit of creamy heaven! Don't think for a minute that it would be limited to just coffee though. Think Jell-O desserts, pies, smoothie drinks, ice cream...the list goes on and on!  Well, thats what I was thinking when I put it on my Christmas list.. and you know what? I now have two!  What a surprise!  My daughter Nancy  & her husband gave me this one pictured and while in Denver visiting my son I mentioned wanting one and my daughter in law said they had purchased one at a garage sale and had never used it and I could have it... So of course I said "I"ll take it thank you very much," Not knowing I was getting a new one for Christmas. Now tell me would you rather whip cream with a beater in bowl as shown in the picture (you never know if the cream will actually whip  or you may overwhip it & have butter)...Or get this handy guarantee to whip gadget?  They are a bit expensive and you must use iSi canisters which are under $8 for 10.  You can shop around & get a new one sometimes on line for under $40. 

Really, There is no comparison, iSi whipped cream makes the real deal, and you know as well as I do that you can taste and feel the difference of real whipped cream. Rich and creamy, smooth and heavy, yet it just melts in your mouth. If you bake, like wintery gourmet coffees, or summertime smoothies, don't even think about it, the iSi whipped cream maker is a must-have!
Simple to use,  pour in the cream * flavored or not, attach the iSi canister and push the handle, simple to clean, simply irresistible! Keep the cream maker in your refrigerator ready to use. (go ahead  put it on your wish list, you won't be sorry.) and remember You are worth it!
Bon Appetite!

1 comment:

  1. Cheryl,
    You are a REAL cook. I have a large spoon. HA. I LOVE REAL WHIP CREAM, I MAKE IT WHEN WE HAVE SHORTCAKE OR GINGERBREAD.'caps' Not sure how that happens, guess I type about as good as I cook. So Many fun things out there to buy now, a person needs a big pantry, wish I had a pantry, we had one when I was growing up. BUT- we didn't have a whip cream maker like you.
    Nancy Jo