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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day #3 Weight Management Plan

 I have had some readers inquire as to what this weight loss  is & where I got it.. The answer is from Ventana Wellness Center .. Where our Dr's practice. It is a Body Anaylysis Medical Weight & fitness Management at Rogue Endrocrinology & Metabolic Clininc   suggested by Clay's Dr.  for him to do. The first two weeks is a Cleansing Plan. After the initial cleansing, more foods will be added to the menus and some of our old favorites with moderation...I decided to support his efforts ( I need it as much as he does and since I love to cook , it gives me  opportunity to do so for both of us.) and day three I honestly feel really yukky... but I know this is part of the Cleansing process ridding myself of toxins.. and eventually we lose fat not muscle It will balance my blood sugar levels through out the day more Fat burning than Storing..I really don't need more Stored...I know we were not eating properly  and were protein deficient which cause us to be over weight. Nervous, irritable, depressed  and just sluggish with  little or no energy.  Our bodies were retaining water & thus on came the weight. Body Analysis  encourages us to take stock in a new way of eating.. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day.
Eating a balanced diet promotes excellent health benefits. These include FAT loss, improved skin, hair, nails, reduced fatique healthy joints less water retention: stable mood and Improved hormoal balance.
Today even though the weather outside is unseasonably Cold with Snow of all things... we decided to take a drive to Crater Lake. Taking along our lunch and snack, rather thansit at home and feel lethargic and feeling the Cleansing work.. Tomorrow is Day 4 and according to the "plan" we should start feeling better .... a brighter outlook and look forward to feeling Great. I know this is all part of the plan and I can Do this..and it's Pepper steak for dinner... How can that be bad?  Tomorrow just might be my turning point....

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